D– Delivering Sustainability:

We have maintained our position as an industry leader in sustainability by delivering on our commitments an investing in the future.


I – Innovative Production:

DiaPRO new production facility sets itself apart by its state-of-the-art machinery and exceptionally well-trained personnel. We can guarantee the exquisite quality of our diamond tools because we closely control every single step of production: from the procurement of the raw materials to manufacturing to delivery to the customer.


A – Assured Quality:

We have built a custom test bench for our new line of diamond tools that is used to put the tools through their paces in terms of performance, reliability and environmental capability. We subject all our products to regular quality inspections that are based on clearly defined parameters.


P – Propose Optimum Solution:

We find the optimum solution. We evaluate cutting data, monitor performance and efficiency and also support you in running-in your project. The following account gives an overview of the platform offered by DiaPRO Diamond tools.


R – Research & Development:

For times, our Research and Development department in DiaPRO has continuously raised the bar when it comes to enhancing technologies applied to cutting and grinding.


O – Our Commitment to our Customers:

We believe that our customers comes first, and that you are entitled to expect excellent customer service from us. We strive to give you this through personal accountability and professional commitment, working with you to ensure that our products and services meet your needs.



DiaPRO Tools Co. Ltd, as a high-tech enterprise, concentrates on researching & developing, manufacturing and marketing diamond tools industry.

We have the most extensive , innovative and powerful range of diamond tools of construction, stone and . Diapro strives to be the leading professional in the world by technology innovation

The main product ranges include Diamond Cutting disc, Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel, Laser Welded Core Drill and different type of Cutting Blade and Discs etc. The advanced automatic pressing, sintering, full automatic laser welding machinery have been adopted in manufacturing lines, and all the products are approved by rigorous inspection and quality control process

As a reliable suppliers of global diamond tools in the industry, we also focus on the professional total solutions of Cutting, Grinding and drilling for end user’s. In GCC we provide the clients of mega project such as road bridge, building renovation, rail, airport, stone mine, fire protection and nuclear power plant with professional diamond tools product and solution, which is used in road saw, wire saw , wall saw, core drill,stone saw and scarifying machine ensures that user’s can complete a great job.

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