Latest hydraulic machine wall saw with remote control function. Small in size and light in weight. It boasts easy mobility and moderate motor power. With a maximum motor power of 34kw and a maximum cutting depth of 710mm, the machine is applicable to cutting in major engineering projects and large- volume cutting inside buildings. Besides, Direct shift of speed can be realized in operation owing to its 3-grade rotation speed function Grade- I realizes a rotation speed of 500 rpm, Grade II 900 rpm and Grade III 1400 rpm.

Technical Data Sheet of Wall Saw

Model W 207 W 307
Cutting Depth 730mm(byφ1600mm) 1000mm(byφ2140mm)
Max. diameter of blade 1600mm 2140mm
Max start blade 800mm 985mm
Blade Arbor 60mm 60mm
Saw blades fixing 6countersunk head screws pitch circle 110mm 6countersunk head screws pitch circle 110mm
Blade flange fixing center screw center screw
Blade flange diameter 125mm 125mm
swiveling range of saw arm 350° 350°
Power transmission in swivel arm gear wheel gear wheel
Blade drive speed increasing ratio 2 2
piddle speed under load 500/900/1400rpm 600/1000/1600rpm
Carrying handle 2 2
Eccentric clamping mechanism 2 2
weight of saw head 32.5kg 41.5kg
Fixing on Track
rail guidance Roller Roller
Blade guard (conversion to flush cutting guard)
G100 1000mm 1000mm
Hydraulic motors
GR2 hydraulic motor
GR3 hydraulic motor

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