The Correct cutting speed for dry cutting application must be between 60 and 80 m/s depending upon the material to be cut. The machinery manufacturers adjust the rotation speed to suit the diameter of blade for which the machine is designed. for the reason it is important to fit the correct diameter of blade for each machine.

Concrete Cutting Disc

Application : Cutting bricks, Block, Slate, Concrete, Masonry with superior efficiency.

Item No. Diameter Segment Width Arbor
CCD1052202A 105MM 2.0MM 22.23MM
CCD1152202A 115MM 2.0MM 22.23MM
CCD1252202A 125MM 2.0MM 22.23MM
CCD1502202A 150MM 2.0MM 22.23MM
CCD1802202A 180MM 2.3MM 22.23MM
CCD2302202A 230MM 2.3MM 22.23MM

Marble Electro Plated Cutting Disc

Application : a segmented cutting disc manufactured by an electrolysis process specially recommended for cutting delicate material such as marble resigns and fibres

Item No. Diameter Segment Width Arbor
MACD1052202A 105mm 2.2mm 22.23mm
MACD1152202A 115mm 2.2mm 22.23mm
MACD1252202A 125mm 2.2mm 22.23mm
MACD150202A 150mm 2.2mm 22.23mm
MACD1802202A 180mm 2.2mm 22.23mm
MACD2302202A 230mm 2.2mm 22.23mm

Ceramic Cutting Disc

Application: blade with continuous band have been designed for use of ceramic material such as soft/hard ceramics.

Item No. Diameter Segment Width Arbor
CECD1052202A 105mm 1.7mm 22.23mm
CECD1152202A 115mm 1.7mm 22.23mm
CECD1252202A 125mm 1.7mm 22.23mm
CECD1502202A 150mm 1.7mm 22.23mm
CECD1802202A 180mm 1.7mm 22.23mm
CECD2302202A 230mm 1.7mm 22.23mm

Granite Cutting Sintered Hot Presses Blades

Application: Dry cutting granite and other stone materials with good efficiency

Item No. Diameter Segment Width Arbor
GACD1055002A 105mm 2.2mm 22.23mm
GACD1155002A 115mm 2.2mm 22.23mm
GACD1255002A 125mm 2.2mm 22.23mm
GACD1505002A 150mm 2.2mm 22.23mm
GACD1805002A 180mm 2.2mm 22.23mm
GACD2305002A 230mm 2.2mm 22.23mm

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