S.N.C has been producing blades for 30 years. The facts stress tests internally it possible to ensure maximum efficiency in cutting precision for all model’s circular saw blades for wood and circular saw blades for aluminum: we tested our circular saw blades on a variety of cutting machines, with continuous processing for months, observing how the raw material subjected to the cut were seamlessly passed by the blade, without smudging, no inaccuracies or knife blocks, performing the processing in the established times.

We produce a wide range of circular saw blades for wood and circular saw blades for aluminum universal silenced, with different thickness of engravers, even multilane, to meet every need of cutting.

Many Italian and foreign customers have already turned to us choosing the quality of our products and it is our pleasure to note the continued demand for saw blades for wood and saw blades for aluminum from old and new customers.

Item No Diameter Teeth Arbor
ZAWCB1002202A 100mm 24 2.2
ZAWCB1252202A 125mm 30 2.2
ZAWCB1502202A 150mm 36 2.2
ZAWCB1802202A 180mm 42 2.2
ZAWCB2002202A 200mm 34 2.2
ZAWCB2252202A 225mm 34 2.2
ZAWCB2502202A 250mm 40 2.2
ZAWCB3002202A 300mm 36 2.2
ZAWCB3502202A 350mm 42 2.5
ZAWCB4002202A 400mm 48 2.8
ZAWCB4502202A 450mm 54 3.2
ZAWCB5002202A 500mm 60 3.2
ZAWCB5502202A 550mm 72 3.5
ZAWCB6002202A 600mm 84 3.5

Application: The superficial hardness of the coating enables o have an anti-adherence effect because favors the unloading of the chip and hinders the accumulating of the resin.These conditions allow obtain a longer duration of the cut

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