These durable diamond cup wheel is built for grinding thick layers of concrete, leveling concrete, removing layers of sludge and form seams on concrete, to grind hard cement, lime cement plaster, hard screed, for leveling granite, natural stone, and other very hard materials, to create clean edges without breakages. This cup wheel fits most angle grinders to help you power through project after project. Diamond grit outlasts traditional abrasives

Single Row Grinding Cup Wheel

Application: These Crowns have been designed for simple grinding work. The single row of diamond segments has enough abrasive power for rough grinding.

Item No Diameter Arbor
SRCW1002202A 4 22.2
SRCW1152202A 4 ½ 22.2
SRCW1252202A 5 22.2
SRCW1802202A 7 22.2

Double Row Grinding Cup Wheel

Application: Effective in the process of concrete debarring and rough surface grinding. Smooth grinding and long life.

Item No Diameter Arbor
DRCW1002202A 4 22.2
DRCW1152202A 4 ½ 22.2
DRCW1252202A 5 22.2
DRCW1802202A 7 22.2

Z Cup Wheel

Application: Innovated design crowns for grinding work in the minimum possible time.

Item No Diameter Arbor
ZCW1002202A 4 22.2
ZCW1152202A 4 ½ 22.2
ZCW1252202A 5 22.2
ZCW1802202A 7 22.2

T Cup Wheel

Application: Innovated design of wing type segment. Fast grinding by U groove in segment.

Item No Diameter Arbor
TCW1002202A 4 22.2
TCW1152202A 4 ½ 22.2
TCW1252202A 5 22.2
TCW1802202A 7 22.2

Scarifying Machine

DiaPRO systems are the preferred method for surface preparation used by professional contractors and recommended by coating manufacturers for a wide range of applications.

Industries utilizing our technologies include: flooring, painting/coating, demolition and renovation, shipyard and storage tank; also, contractors and maintenance professionals involved surface preparation of concrete and asphalt for remediation and improvement of grip and security on runways, bridges, roadways, and more.

SUMMARY : KL-320GT is our new model which specially designed for high-speed rail way. It has good working performance on C50 concrete surface.

1. Flexible operation, turned back by only one worker when it is working, although its weight is 260KG.
2. It’s working speed can be adjustable to suit the working depth requirement.
3. It has the bearing high temperature grease injection port, timed injection of high temperature grease will make the bearing working life longer to lower the maintenance cost.
4. With the specially designed electric control case which has waterproof, dustproof and high grade insulation, it can ensure the safety of workers.

Item Code DP-320GT DP-200E
Working width 320mm 200mm
Working depth 0~8mm Adjustable 0~3mm Adjustable
Engine 7.5 KW Electric Engine 2.2 KW Electric Engine
Machine Size

1000 × 600 × 1200mm

900× 380 × 980mm

Package Size

1300 × 660 × 1400mm

970 × 450 × 1060mm

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