25 years committed to quality and Innovation

Weka products consist mainly of steel and aluminum. Plastics are only used where indispensable. Compounds are renounced widely. WEKA electric tools are very long-living. Ready for scrap heap machines are disassembled completely and divided substantially. Thus, they are more than 90% recyclable.

WEKA is since many years a synonym for technical and qualitative high-grade products which are exclusively offered to the professional operator via our sales partners, who possess large expert knowledge in concrete cutting techniques. In the focus of our efforts to improve our products and to develop new products, is the operator.
The direct communication with him, his experience and appraisal is an important element of us

Developed drilling machines to provide the maximum rigidity in the drill rig and also to provide optimal speeds and horse power from the motor to achieve the best performance.

Rigid Supports:
Base unit specially designed for ensuring a stable set up. It has an anchor bolt slot and corner levelling screws and has the fast fix anchoring system.

Twin backstays help to minimize the vibrations generated during drilling that can be detrimental to the work finish

DK 1603

Item no DK1603
Nominal power W 2000
Output power W 1340
Rated speed 1/min 540/1200/2520
Total length mm 350
Weight without cable kg 5,9
Drilling Ø concrete c.
rig operated mm 20-160
hand-held mm 20-100
Tool fixture 1 1/4“ UNC + G 1/2“
Mounting neck Ø  mm 60

DK 32S

Item No. DK32 S
Nominal power W 3200
Output power W 2300
Rated speed 1/min 300/590/930
Total length without handle mm 488
Weight without cable kg 11,9
Drilling Ø concrete c. mm 35 – 250
Tool fixture 1 1/4″ UNC
Foot fastening Standard 4 x M8 with groove 10 x 4,3

SR 65

Item No. SR65 SR65 S
Rated Voltage V 400 3~ 400 3~
Rated current A 15 15
Nominal power W 7500 7500
Output power W 5700 5700
Rated speed (6 steps) 1/min 140-305 260-560
Total length without handle mm 515 440
Weight without cable kg 18,3 14,7
Drilling Ø concrete c. mm 120-500 80-350
Tool fixture 1 1/4″ / M33/3 1 1/4″
Foot fastening 6 x M8 with groove x 4,3

TK40 Powerful Diamond Chain Saw

Application: Ideal for small and irregular openings, Corner cuts for windows and doors and very deep cuts, Cutting in concrete and masonry & Cutting of ductile pipes.

Item No. TK40 TK40
Rated voltage V 230 400
Nominal power W 3700 6500
Output power W 2700 4800
Cutting depth mm 430 430
Bar length cm 30-40 30-40
Drive Sprocket mm 8 teeth 3/8″ and F4
Speed 1/mm 5500 5500
Weight kg 9,8 9,8

Machine Stand KS30

Item No. KS30
Length mm 950
Feed way mm 580
Drill bit length max. mm 560
Drill bit diameter max. mm 300 – with distance plate 350
Inclination degree über 45
Rig foot Combined foot
Machine fixture Quick change plate
Guidance Stainless Steel Rail and Rollers
Weight kg 13

Machine Stand KS50

Application: blade with continuous band have been designed for use of ceramic material such as soft/hard ceramics.

Item No KS50
Length mm 1070
Feed way mm 630
Drill bit length max. mm 620
Drill bit diameter max. mm 500
Inclination degree 45
Rig foot Combined foot
Machine fixture Quick change plate
Weight kg 19,5

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