Wet Concrete Blades are designed for high power floor saws of 35-72HP. Our wet concrete blades are made for pro contractors who want optimum performance. Double laser welded on both sides to prevent the segment come off.
Wide Range of

Application: Precast factory, highways, airport runways, city streets, parking lots, bridge decks, floors, walkways, loading docks, lamps

Pre Stressed Hollow Core Diamond Blade

Application : Application: Optimized design to prevent jamming of the saw blade and to ensure a straight cut on Reinforced Hollow Core Blade. Reduced cutting costs due to a combination of high performance and high lifetime.

Please specify:  bore hole and pin holes

Item No Diameter No Segments Segment Width Arbor
HOCB6002202A 600mm 42 5.1/5.5 60mm
HOCB7002202A 700mm 50 5.5/6.0 60mm
HOCB8002202A 800mm 57 6.5/7.0 60mm
HOCB9002202A 900mm 64 7.0/7.5 60mm
HOCB10002202A 1000mm 70 7.0/7.5 60mm
HOCB11002202A 1100mm 76 7.5/8.0 60mm
HOCB12002202A 1200mm 82 8.0/8.5 60mm
HOCB13002202A 1300mm 88 8.0/8.5 60mm

Wet Wall Saw Blades

Application: Designed for hydraulic rack mounted wall saws. Fast, consistent accurate cuts on walls with sandwich segments. Sandwich segments construction improves straight sawing and reduces pinching.

Item No Diameter No Segments Segment Width Arbor
WACB6002202A 600mm 10/12mm 4.0mm 60mm
WACB6502202A 650mm 10/12mm 4.0mm 60mm
WACB7002202A 700mm 10/12mm 4.5mm 60mm
WACB7502202A 750mm 10/12mm 4.5mm 60mm
WACB8002202A 800mm 10/12mm 4.5mm 60mm
WACB9002202A 900mm 10/12mm 4.5mm 60mm
WACB10002202A 1000mm 10/12mm 5.0mm 60mm
WACB12002202A 1200mm 10/12mm 5.0mm 60mm

Wet Asphalt Blades

Application: Dry cutting granite and other stone materials with good efficiency

Item No Diameter No Segments Segment Width Arbor
ASCB3002202A 300mm 10mm 3.2mm 20/25.4
ASCB3002202A 350mm 10mm 3.2mm 25.4
ASCB3002202A 400mm 10mm 3.2mm 25.4
ASCB3002202A 450mm 10mm 3.6mm 25.4
ASCB3002202A 500mm 10mm 3.6mm 25.4
ASCB3002202A 550mm 10mm 3.6mm 25.4
ASCB3002202A 600mm 10mm 4.5mm 25.4

Concrete Floor Saw

Application: Indicates blades designed for cutting concretes. Due to the hardness of this material and its low abrasion ,these blades are produced with a greater quantity of diamond, a higher quality diamond and also with a softer band.

Item No Diameter No Segments Segment Width Arbor
CFSB3002202A 300mm 10mm 3.2mm 20/25.4
CFSB3002202A 350mm 10mm 3.2mm 25.4
CFSB3002202A 400mm 10mm 3.2mm 25.4
CFSB3002202A 450mm 10mm 3.6mm 25.4
CFSB3002202A 500mm 10mm 3.6mm 25.4
CFSB3002202A 550mm 10mm 3.6mm 25.4
CFSB3002202A 600mm 10mm 4.5mm 25.4

Wet Granite Blades

Application: The Quality of diamond and bond produce both excellent performance and fast cutting.

Item No Diameter No Segments Segment Width Arbor
WCGB2502202A 250mm 15mm 3.0mm 60mm
WCGB3002202A 300mm 15mm 3.2mm 60mm
WCGB3502202A 350mm 15mm 3.2mm 60mm
WCGB4002202A 400mm 15mm 3.4mm 60mm
WCGB4502202A 450mm 15mm 3.6mm 60mm
WCGB5002202A 500mm 15mm 3.6mm 60mm
WCGB6002202A 600mm 15mm 4.0mm 60mm

Wet Marble Blade

Application: Intensive marble cutting which give precise cut , high output and high performance

Item No Diameter No Segments Segment Width Arbor
WMCB2502202A 250mm 15mm 3.0mm 60mm
WMCB3002202A 300mm 15mm 3.2mm 60mm
WMCB3502202A 350mm 15mm 3.2mm 60mm
WMCB4002202A 400mm 15mm 3.4mm 60mm
WMCB4502202A 450mm 15mm 3.6mm 60mm
WMCB5002202A 500mm 15mm 3.6mm 60mm
WMCB6002202A 600mm 15mm 4.0mm 60mm

Vacuum Brazed Hole Saw

Application: These hole saw have been designed for making perfect hole in the tiles.

Item No. Diameter Arbor
VBHS066002A 6MM 60MM
VBHS086002A 8MM 60MM
VBHS106002A 10MM 60MM
VBHS126002A 12MM 60MM
VBHS146002A 14MM 60MM
VBHS166002A 16MM 60MM
VBHS206002A 20MM 60MM
VBHS256002A 25MM 60MM
VBHS326002A 32MM 60MM
VBHS356002A 35MM 60MM

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